What if Wi-Fi could replace a visit from your pool guy or regular pool maintenance needs?

Wi-Fi or Pool Guy? Making Pool and Hot Tub Maintenance Easy

Owning a pool or hot tub/spa is a lot of fun, but maintaining them isn't always easy. 

Large bodies of water—even when they're only as big as a hot tub—are prime breeding grounds for all sorts of bacteria and algae. Without proper chemical dosing, filtration, ozonation, and other pool maintenance needs, your pool or hot tub will quickly become a murky, stagnant swamp that is anything but inviting. 

And keeping pools fresh, clean, and healthy is a trickier job than many think. You have to be adept to performing a fine-tuned chemical balancing act to prevent anything from growing in your pool or hot tub, while keeping the water safe and enjoyable for you and your family. Getting it right means accounting for temperature, UV exposure, pH, chlorine levels, and more, and each time one factor gets adjusted the others are all affected.

It should be little wonder, then, that a whole profession grew out of pool maintenance needs. Just measuring and properly dosing a pool requires a fair amount of expertise, and that's the simple maintenance that needs to be done on an ongoing basis. If any actual problems arise, the solution will be even more complex.

But what if every pool and hot tub owner could have the expertise they needed right at their fingertips, all the time? What if spas could tell their owners when the pH was getting off balance, or pools could tell you exactly when and how to give them the chemical dosing they need?

What if Wi-Fi could replace a visit from your pool guy or regular pool maintenance needs?

Wi-Fi Enabled Pool and Hot Tub Sensors for Consistent Chemical Dosing

At Sutro, we worked with some of the leading pool maintenance experts to develop a product that gives you complete and easy control over your pool or hot tub's chemical dosing needs. A small in-pool (or in-hot tub) sensor takes continual readings for chlorine, pH, UV, temperature, and other relevant factors, and tells you when to add what standard pool chemicals—and how much of them to add—to keep your pool or hot tub perfect and ready to enjoy.

The sensor in your hot tub or pool connects with your home Wi-Fi network for easy notifications, and can send messages to your smartphone through the Sutro app. You can also order the chemicals you need right from your phone, so you're never caught short—Sutro tracks the level of your pool maintenance supplies, too.

Of course, there's no replacement for a trained and experienced pool professional, and we recommend you have your pool inspected and treated by a professional at least once a year, and twice if you close your pool up for the winter (once when you open it up, and again when you close it down). We've even made it easy to connect with pool maintenance professionals in your area any time they're needed. 

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