Top 5 Recommended In-Line Chlorinators

Top 5 Recommended In-line Chlorinators

An inline chlorinator can be a great way to maintain your pool’s free chlorine levels.  If you’re tired of constantly putting pucks of chlorine in your skimmer or in a floater, don’t like handling chlorine tablets frequently, or don’t want them within reach of swimmers,  a chlorinator may be what you’re looking for.


The chlorinator is installed in-line with your pool plumbing - after the pump, filter, and heater.  As  water rushes back to your pool, some water is let into the chlorinator which dissolves the chlorine tablets and returns the chlorine to the pool.  You can adjust the level of chlorination on the unit to tune it to achieve your desired free chlorine level.  When purchasing a chlorinator it is important to find out what pipe fittings you will need to make sure the device fits with your existing plumbing.


Here are some highly rated inline chlorinators:

‍#1: Hayward CL200 In-Line Automatic Pool Chemical Feeder




This in-line chlorinator from Hayward holds up to 9 pounds of chlorine tablets, chlorine sticks or bromine tablets and can treat a pool up from 5,000 to 40,000 gallons. It is designed to work with in ground and above ground pools.


‍#2:Pentair R171096 Rainbow 320 Automatic In-Line Chlorine/Bromine Feeder For Pool And Spa



The Pentair Rainbow 320 Automatic Feeder holds 11 large or 98 small bromine or slow dissolving trichlor tablets and works with in-ground or above ground pools. It is rated to treat pools from 6,500 to 70,000 gallons depending on the install method.


‍#3:Pentair R171070 Rainbow 300-29X Automatic Chlorine/Bromine Commercial and High Capacity Pool/Spa Feeder



The Pentair Rainbow 300-29x is designed for large pools from 80,000 gallons to 322,000 gallons in volume. It holds 29 large or 237 small tablets.


#4. Hydro Tools 8750 Super Premium In-Line Automatic Pool Chlorine Feeder



The Hydro Tools 8750 In-line Chlorinator holds up to 9 lbs of chlorine tablets in either 1” or 3” size and works with in-ground or above ground pools. It is rated for pools from 5,000 to 40,000 gallons in volume.


#5. Waterway Plastics CAG004-W Clearwater In-Line Automatic Chlorinator



The Waterway Plastics In-line chlorinator is designed to be used with above ground pools only. It holds 4 ½ lbs of chlorine in either 1” or 3” size and is rated for a pool from 3000-15000 gallons in volume.


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