Should I Drain My Pool Myself?

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Question: Should I Drain my Pool Myself?

Should I drain my pool myself?

Sometimes the best way to fix a water problem is to drain your pool.  If the pool has been neglected and no amount of chemical treatment is working, then draining, thoroughly cleaning and refilling may be your best option.  But is it a good idea to do this yourself?


Well, it can be done and the process is pretty straightforward (not covered here) - but it’s probably best left to a professional.


Here are some general factors to consider.  If your pool liner is fiberglass or vinyl - draining improperly can cause serious damage or destroy your pool liner.  This is especially true in areas where the land surrounding your pool contains groundwater - when the pool is emptied, there may be too much resulting pressure on the liner which can cause damage to the lining.  If your pool is made of concrete or gunite and there is groundwater it is possible that the wet environment surrounding the pool can cause the pool to dislodge from the ground - yikes!    If you are confident that the land is solid and there is no groundwater surrounding the pool then it may be fairly straightforward to drain and refill the pool.


So, in general - if you know your land and research the potential problems and are confident that you can drain the pool without issue - then this is something that you can DIY - but in general draining and refilling is something that you may want to call a professional to help you with.



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