How Can I Lower my Pool Operating Costs?

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Question: How can I lower my energy bill?


If you have owned a pool for any amount of time, you may have found out the hard way that your electric bill can take a big hit when you run your pool equipment. Equipment has become more energy efficient over the years, so maybe it’s a good time to take a look at a new, more efficient pool pump. For even more savings, many utility companies and equipment manufacturers offer rebates to help you with the expense.


The main advancement in pool pumps is variable speed motors.  These can reduce energy consumption by up to 80% when compared to older standard pool pump motors.


Not only are these motors more efficient, they are also much quieter than older models.  In the US, some states are even enacting laws that require pool owners to move to a multi speed or variable speed motor - so you can get ahead of the curve and save some money on your electric bill too!  

The cost savings can be quite substantial too. Here’s one example - let’s say you have a single speed 1hp pump -  a 10,000 gallon pool, with an energy cost of .12c / Kwh running 6 hours a day for the summer (4 months) - you are looking at an energy cost of $210  / year.  With a variable speed pump, you’re looking at an annual bill of $18 with the same parameters.  That’s a savings of over $190 / year!  Check out the calculator at Pentair’s website to figure out the potential savings in your scenario.


The downside to the variable speed motors is the upfront cost.  They tend to cost around $500-$900, roughly double what a non variable speed motor costs.  To help with this, many manufacturers and energy utilities are providing rebates to help you with the cost.  Here are some that we found at the time of publishing this article.  Do a quick google search to find out if there are incentives available in your area.  Here are some great incentives that we found:

In California, PG&E is offering a $100 rebate when you purchase a qualifying Energy Star certified pool pump. Check it out at this link:

PG&E Rebates page.


Austin Energy in Texas is offering a $300 rebate for qualifying purchase!  You can check the offer out here - Austin Energy Rebates Page.

Lakeland Electric in Florida is offering $100 rebates for qualifying pool pump purchase - Lakeland Electric Rebate Page.

If the links above don't cover where you live, the pump manufacturer Hayward provides a really nice map of the US that you can click on and find out what rebates may be available in your state.  You can find it here - Hayward Map of U.S. Rebate Offers.

In addition to utility incentives, manufacturers offer rebates at times for purchases of pool pumps.  Hayward, for example is offering gift card rebates when you purchase one their energy efficient pool pumps.  One example is the highly rated SP3202VSP variable speed pool pump - which currently (through July 31, 2017) has a $75 gift card offered.

Pentair, another manufacturer of high quality pool equipment offers $50 back when you buy one of its energy efficient 34201 Superflo Pool Pumps.


So, utilities and manufacturers are making it easier for you to go green and save some money at the same time. The links in this article should help you get started figuring out if an upgrade is right for you. 


If you’re building a new pool, it’s a pretty easy decision - just get the variable speed pump - it will pay for itself in a couple of seasons.

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