6 Pool Hacks That You Haven't Tried

Whether you are enjoying the pool, supervising kids at the pool, or cleaning the pool there’s a pool hack here for you!


Putting your phone in a plastic bag

Can’t decide whether or not you want to get out of the pool to check your phone? Now you won’t have to. With this very easy pool hack, you can keep your phone on you while enjoying yourself in the water.


Lightsaber battles with pool noodles

If your kids (or you) are a big fan of Star Wars then they have always dreamt about having lightsaber fights. With a quick tutorial at http://kidsactivitiesblog.com you can make their dreams come true! All you need is pool noodles, duct tape, electrical tape, and a knife.


Floatable Cooler

Why go to the cooler when you can bring the cooler to you? Get a light container and fill it with your favorite beverages. Then, cut pool noodles and secure them onto the edges of the container and toss it in your pool.


Quick Fix for a Low pH

For a quick temporary fix for a low pH in your pool or spa, look no further than your kitchen! Depending on the size of your pool, baking soda will raise the pH long enough for you to get more chemicals.

Tennis Balls to Clear up Oil

To help keep your pool oil-free all it takes is a couple tennis balls. You can throw a couple in and they’ll absorb any natural oil from swimmers, and sunscreen/ lotion. This will make cleaning and maintaining your pool a lot easier.

Pool Noodle Necklace

Here is a fun activity for the kids that will help keep them cool on a hot summer day. Just get a pool noodle and cut them in to whatever shapes they’d like, then put a string through it and put it around their neck. The kids will be looking cool and staying cool with these accessories.

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