Top 5 Pool Safety Products

Top 5 Recommended Pool Safety Products


Pool safety is always a concern for the pool owner - especially those with young children. Many areas have municipal or state rules requiring safety devices - but even if you live somewhere where there aren’t a lot of safety rules - they might just save someone’s life. Check out these highly rated safety items:

‍#1: Techko S187D Safe Pool Alarm


The Techko S187D Safe Pool Alarm sounds an alarm when someone is entering the pool area. This is primarily designed to alert you if a very young child wanders their way into the yard unsupervised. The alarm has a bypass button that you press when you want to enter the yard and not set off the alarm.


‍#2:Fibropool Pre-Assembled Safety Rope & Float, 20' Pool Size



Safety floats are a great way to provide a way for swimmers to safely rest, regain their energy and get help if they run out of juice while swimming. This safety rope with floats by Fibropool is a highly rated model.


#3. Poolmaster Safety Signs



Signs are a great way to inform swimmers and guests of things to be aware of around pools and ways to help in an emergency - they are also often required to be present based on local rules. The Poolmaster Emergency Sign has a lot of good information on it - including how to perform CPR and some first aid tips. It also has space where you can post numbers for local emergency services so that you know who to call in case of emergency. It’s often hard to concentrate in an emergency so a sign is a great reference in such an unfortunate event.


#4. Classic Guard Swimming Pool Fence



Fences are required around pools in many areas and for good reason - there are few more effective ways to keep toddlers away from the pool. The Sentry Safety Pool fence is one of the nicer looking fences that gets great reviews. It comes in 12’ packages, so you should purchase the correct number of packages to surround your pool.


#5. Yard Guard Pool Cover



Like the fence, a pool cover is a great way to increase pool safety. This pool cover from Yard Guard covers a 36’ x 18’ in ground pool and gets great user reviews.


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