16 Most Extreme Hot Tubs

There are approximately 26 million functioning hot tubs worldwide, and the majority are your standard personal-use hot tubs. This short list of sixteen hot tubs are the most unique and diverse that the world has to offer.

16. Aquadome, Längenfeld, Austria

The Aquadome is an exclusive resort deep in the mountains of Austria. With an illusion that the spas are suspended in midair with the beautiful setting of the Otztal Alps in the background. The water supply is provided from a reservoir that is nearly 6,000 feet in the ground.


15. Cabane Treehouse, Corrèze, France

A tree house that is available for a romantic getaway in Southern France has a relaxing hot tub that is suspended 12 feet off the ground. The Cabane Treehouse is the first of its kind, and the structure is built into a 100-year old oak tree. 


14. Virgin Tub, airplane

 Virgin, an airline who focuses on treating all of their guests like celebrities, has teamed up with Hot Tub Barn to put a thought into a reality. Virgin Airlines wants to be the first airline to take you to your destination feeling refreshed after soaking in a hot tub during your flight.


13. Dutch tub, anywhere

The newest energy efficient, and easily portable hot tub being talked about is the Dutch Tub. It is easily transportable by boat, car, or even a good group of friends. The Dutch Tub is heated by an attachment that stores firewood that heats up the tub when in use.


12. Hakone Kowaiken Yunessun, Hakone, Japan

This unique one-of-a-king spa is a part of a Japanese amusement park. With the option of taking a bath in wine, coffee, green tea, and even sake, the experience is unlike any other. If that isn’t enough, they also have a bath with fish that will nibble and eat any dead skin that is on your body. Even though all of these baths sound more for fun, each has their own health benefits!


11. Chalet Septieme Ciel, Valais, Switzerland

If you would like to be relaxing in a hot tub that is secluded from civilization with a view of the Swiss Alps, you should consider the Septieme Ciel. It is a part of a luxury ski chalet but is available for rent. It sits atop a large perch and allows a beautiful view across the valley as well as an amazing stargazing experience.


10. Assawan Spa, Dubai, UAE

The Burj Al Arab is the only 7-star hotel in the world. It also offers a luxurious spa experience with a view of the Dubai skyline. With treatments like an “ Around the World Massage”, and the “Burj Al Arab Caviar Facial” you will truly enjoy your experience.


9. Katikes Hotel, Santorini, Greece

Located in the beautiful city of Santorini Greece, this spa is located inside of a cliff. As soon as you walk outside you get a postcard-esque view of the Aegean sea.

8. Hot Tug, everywhere

Another idea on a transportable hot tub is the Rotterdam Hot Tug. It is the world’s first portable hot tub that floats in water, making it easy to hot tub wherever you’d like. The water gets heated by a built in oven inside of the hot tub.  


 7. Igloo Village Engelberg Titlis, Switzerland

Located in the Swiss Alps, this creation is constructed annually every year and is a full service hotel. There is an open-air hot tub that is completely surrounded by snow. It takes about 3,000 tons of snow. The outer shell of the igloo is created by inflating a large balloon and covering it with water until it freezes. 


6. Hot Tub Cinema New York, USA

 This is a rooftop cinema that allows you to enjoy a movie while you relax in a hot tub with your friends or significant other. The movie is projected on a huge wall and they have a full bar and wine service throughout the movie. You and five friends are allowed in to the 104 degree heated pool. The original idea came from London, and now in NYC, the waiting list is up to 1,700 people.


5. Gueuroz bridge, Valais, Switzerland

 The infamous Jacuzzi Association’s goal is to have the most extreme hot tub parties there are. The hot tub that they hung from the Gueuroz Bridge was hanging 612 feet in the air. They accomplished this by hanging a platform from the bridge and building on top of it.


4. Monte Bianco, Europe

Jacuzzi Association strikes again with another extreme feat. They climbed Mont Blanc and had a jacuzzi party 15,711 feet in the air. The group of 19 had to carry a total of 440 pounds to accomplish this daring task. 


3. Bottom of a cave

The Jacuzzi Association is on a hot streak with this one! This time they took a group of 15 men and set up a hot tub at the bottom of a cave. They had to scuba dive to the location and each man had to carry 35 pounds while swimming through the cave.


 2.Starkenberger Brewery, Tarrenz, Austria

A unique experience in Austria that allows you to bathe in a hot tub of your favorite beer. This one of a kind experience will leave you slightly buzzed, and rejuvenated from all of the nourishing benefits from vitamins. 


1. World’s fastest hot tub, Los Angeles, USA


Duncan Forster and Phil Weicker had a genius idea of turning a car into a functioning, driving hot tub. Their original idea was created with a Chevy Malibu fused with a hot tub, but they wanted more. They wanted to have the World’s Fastest Hot Tub, so they went to work. After

12 years they invested in a Cadillac DeVille and transformed that into a hot tub as well.


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